London Street Photography


Image of London Street Photography

London, 2010

Designed for future generations. London.

Original Photography Prints by Philip Dvorsky.

Limited Edition of 42.

60 x 80 cm ( 32 x 24 in)
40 x 30 cm ( 16 x 12 in)
30 x 24 cm ( 12 x 10 in)

Signed and numbered by author (me).

Paper: Photographic paper developed the traditional way. After being exposed to light (via laser) the photo goes through liquid chemical solutions (you know from the old movies) - the developer and then the fixer.

This way you've got a real photography, not just an ink jet or plotter print.

As the process is half analog, there is no limit to picture resolution and colours (or shades of grey in case of black and white photos)

I do only 42 prints of the picture / size.
I do maximally only 3 sizes of the picture.